Photo by: Jodie Overstreet

Photo by: Jodie Overstreet

I tell stories.

My name is Mic-anthony Hay, and I tell stories with photography, videography and Writing.

I am currently based in New York.

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I grew up in the island of Jamaica, where I fell in love with outdoor adventure.

Because of this up bringing i aspire to travel and tell stories of adventure and life, for the rest of my journey on this planet.

Social media gives me a voice to share my past and present thoughts visually and written, to inspire and motivate self appreciation. 

My visual storytelling acquired the attention of Sony in early 2017. They later made me a Sony Imaging Ambassador and a member of the Sony Alpha Collective. This is the proudest moment of my life so far, and has been a life changing experience telling stories and learning with the #AlphaCollective team.

You can find our content collectively on @sonyalpha on instagram, and published stories on

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