Photo by: Stan Moniz 

Photo by: Stan Moniz 

About Mic-Anthony Hay


Mic-Anthony Hay is a photographer, videographer, and writer, based in Brooklyn and Oswego, New York.

Born in Queens, New York in 1993, his family moved to the island of Jamaica, where he grew up in love with outdoor adventure. His passion for playing soccer as a kid, led to him telling his first stories with photos and videos with a webcam in his backyard. Over time his passion for playing soccer was overtaken by his desire to create and tell relatable narratives with his photography and writing. He sees his social media channels as mediums to use his creative voice to inspire others with his stories and promote self-appreciation in the world. He has amassed an engaged following on Instagram and YouTube, because of his passion for authentic storytelling. 

Select Clients

Sony || I Love New York || Fly Nyon || Levis || Away Travel || Anker || Moment


Mic-Anthony's visual storytelling acquired the attention of Sony in 2017.

Sony has made him a brand ambassador, and member of their Alpha Imaging Collective

 #alphacollective content can be found collectively on @sonyalpha on Instagram and Twitter, with published stories on 


Mic-Anthony is an official Lonely Planet Pathfinder



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