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about Mic-anthony Hay

I am a freelance photographer, videographer and writer based in New York. 

I focus on creating content that tells simple and relatable narratives, of travel and adventure. I try to personalize my work as much as I can, so people can relate to how I see the world. 

Most of my work is also shared on social media with my most influential platform (Instagram @micanthonyhay ), amassing a following of over 75 thousand.

I also share my content on YouTube and on Twitter

My visual storytelling has led to Sony making me a brand ambassador, and member of their Alpha Imaging Collective.

I am also a Lonely Planet Pathfinder

I am available for photography, videography or social media campaign projects, to help you convey your brand's story.

Photo by: Stan Moniz 

Photo by: Stan Moniz 


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