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Hello adventurers, 

My name is Mic-anthony Hay, a photographer filmmaker and writer based in New York.  I am a Sony Global Imaging ambassador and a member of the Sony Alpha Collective.

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Photo by: Jodie Overstreet

Photo by: Jodie Overstreet

I call myself an adventure storyteller, who uses photography, videography, and written narrative to share how I see the world. I am a college senior at SUNY Oswego, studying journalism and creative writing. As many other young creators out there, I would watch the amazing places people traveled to, and the impact their work would have on people. I come from, lets say a colorful childhood, that I used to let hold me back. Soccer was the main way I would vent my frustrations, and I often let feelings of self pity consume me.

When I realized my dream of becoming a pro soccer player was not realistic, I was left depressed. I wanted to use everything about my past, both good and bad to propel me to achieving my goals. My goals revolve around helping  people overcome the problems similar to myself. I could do this by sharing stories of where I have come from and my journey to whats next. I can share stories visually, to reach this new generation or visual learners. Everyone has problems, together we can help each other overcome them. As I grow as an artist, this is my goal. To make a full time job of creating content that allows people to realize their self worth. It is your duty to find your calling, and be the best person you can be. I hope my work can inspire you to be the best you, as many have inspired me to. 

- Mic-anthony Hay

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